Visit Thailand Dream Village

If you are thinking of buying a new vacation home in Thailand you should pay a visit to our villages to experience the nice atmosphere yourself. Here you can test to stay in a suitable house and get to know the area and its possibilities. Our staff on site will put together a suitable visit program.

Please contact us for further information.

Prices and facts

House Elin (semi-detached)
3 rooms, 1 bathroom, complete kitchen.
Area 67 sqm with terrace 12 sqm.
Price: 635 000 SEK

House Judith (semi-detached)
3 rooms, 2 bathrooms, complete kitchen.
Area 88 sqm with terrace 18 sqm.
Price: 745 000 SEK

House Sara (detached)
4 rooms, 2 bathrooms, complete kitchen.
Area 109 sqm with terrace 24 sqm.
Price: 945 000 SEK

Quality standard
Kitchen in Scandinavian style with extractor hood, hob, microwave, fridge/freezer and dishwasher (S house)
Bathroom with shower in Scandinavian style
A/C in all rooms plus one ceiling fan on the terrace
Dimmed down lights in all ceilings

Maintenance fee
69 000 baht per year
Maintenance of pool and garden, guard, pest control, monthly cleaning, cable TV, insurance

Land lease fee
18 500 baht per year during first 30 years
Lease period 30+30 years with a possible extension of another 30 years

Buying house in Thailand

In Thailand foreign citizens may own a house but any land. The normal solution is then to sign a lease agreement with the construction company that owns the land and lease it to the foreign house buyer for periods of 30 years and max three such periods. Totally 90 years. The lease agreement is officially registered at the district "Land Office" which will guarantee that no unforeseen thing like a bankruptcy will affect the lease hold.

Tabien BahnWhen the house is finished and transferred to the foreign house buyer then the transfer agreement is also registered at the Land Office, who then issue the ”blue book” showing the registered house address. Using this document the owner may open a Thai bank account and receive other domestic favours e.g. at airport passport control and when paying entering fees in national parks etc.

If you buy a house in TDV4 we will guarantee that you will be registered both as a lease holder and a house owner. You will also receive a blue book, showing your address in Thailand, which is a must in several situations. Since the actual building plan for the whole of TDV4 is also approved and registered then no future land owner could change the area and its use.